Imagine your computer and all of your mobile devices being in sync – all the time. Picture the ability to access your data, and share the information with all your team at any given moment in time, from anywhere in the world. Running your business this way eliminates physical boundaries on where to work from. Cloud computing services allow you to do all that and more.
We have made it our mission to be one of the best cloud computing companies in Pakistan. As your cloud service provider, we analyze your business requirements and help you implement the required technology, so that all you have to worry about is running the actual business.
We work with highly reputable cloud computing vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft to ensure you have the reliable services that you need.

Why should you implement cloud computing?

The main benefit of cloud computing in business is to ensure you have everything you need when you need it. We all know that sometimes business doesn’t just stay inside the office; we often have to have information on hand when we are away from our main computer.

Some other benefits of a cloud service include:

  • Reduce your up-front capital expense that would otherwise have been spent on purchases of IT servers to host your emails, files and applications.
  • Minimize your downtime due to power outage, server fault, or any other reasons. This is because our cloud computing vendors give our customers 99.95% service availability commitment.
  • Reduce the time required to buy and boot a new server from days down to minutes.
  • Have the ability to scale the server capacity up or down as your computing requirements and business requirements change.
  • Ensure secured backup and storage of all data as they are replicated across all secured data center locations continuously.